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Hotel + Cut the red cable, In the small Teatro Gran Vía

Hotel + Cut the red cable, In the small Teatro Gran Vía


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Hotel + Cut the red cable, In the small Teatro Gran Vía: 0,00 €

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Corta el cable rojo with hotel

7th season of success at Gran Vía in Madrid of the most funiest, risky, original and modern show. Scenes, songs and funny invented stories destinated to make laugh. This is Corta el Cable Rojo. A comedy where Carlos Ramos, Salomón and José Andrés makes burst out laughing non stop from the spectator´s proposals.

The show have 9 different acts, each one more difficult and funiest than the other. With music and special effects. Corta el Cable Rojo goes beyond the play-acting scenery and because of this, it hasn´t stopped growing during those 7 years.

What includes?

  • Hotel chosen to Madrid
  • Tickets

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When you finish the purchase process, print the hotel voucher and the tickets for the show. We will send it all at your email address when finalizing the purchase process.

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