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Train + Guadalquivir River Cruise + Palacio Andaluz - Sevilla

Train + Guadalquivir River Cruise + Palacio Andaluz - Sevilla


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Train + Guadalquivir River Cruise + Palacio Andaluz - Sevilla: 0,00 €

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Train + Guadalquivir River Cruise + Palacio Andaluz, show flamenco

Have you ever wondered how does a city look like from the waters of its river? A unique chance to discover Seville from a privileged perspective, on board a river cruise along the very heart of the Guadalquivir. Beside being able to discover the Palacio Andaluz tablao in Seville, where podras to enjoy a spectacle with a spectacular index of rewarded artists.

What`s included?

  • Ticket of train AVE to gone and I return to Sevilla , from point of chosen origin

Admission to a Guadalquivir river cruise.

  • Guided commentary and explanations on all the monuments seen during the tour like the Bullring, the old bridges, the well-known district of Triana, the pavilions of the international exhibitions of Seville 1992, as well as the towers at Plaza de España
  • Every day.
  • Departures at 12am. There is the recommended cruise times but, either way, you can enjoy your booked tickets every 30-minutes, starting at 11 am.
  • Approximate duration: 1 hour.

Palacio Andaluz:

Admission to the show:

  • Tickets + Drink :Follow the show while enjoying your favourite drink.
  • Tickets + Tapas Dinner: A small sample of the delicacies of the Spanish cuisine.
  • Tickets + la carte Dinner :Enjoy your flamenco show as you have a varied, typical Spannish dinner.
  • A small sample of the delicacies of the Spanish cuisine.

How does it work?

Getting started on your tour is very easy…

It stamps the tickets of train and the bond that goes out when the purchase concludes for the web, since for the access to the train it is necessary to show them and print the voucher sent to your email address after purchasing and hand it at the collection office 15 minutes before the start of the cruise. From there on, once you have your ticket, you can enjoy your trip down the river and later in the night in at the entrance of El Palacio Andaluz. You can enter the show directly!

  • Guadalquivir River Cruise
    Paseo Marqués de Contadero s/n – 41001 Seville
    Weekends: 11:30, 13:00, 17:00, 19:00
    Monday to Thursday: 17:00
    Friday: 17:00, 19:00 
  • El Palacio Andaluz
    Calle Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro 4, Isla Cartuja, 41092 Sevilla.

    Monday - Sunday: 9.30 pm

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