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Tourist Pass Úbeda - Baeza - Jaén

Tourist Pass Úbeda - Baeza - Jaén


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Starting in Baeza 11am: 38,90 €
Children (0-12 years old)-free: 0,00 €
Starting in Úbeda at 11.00am: 38,90 €
Starting in Jaén 11am: 38,90 €

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Touristic Pass "Úbeda - Baeza - Jaén" allows the visitor knows these 3 cities (2 of them declared World Heritage) by the hand of our guides in an easy way and with the tickets entrance included in the main monuments: Baeza´s Cathedral, Salvador´s Chapel and the Agua´s Sinagogue in Úbeda and the Cathedral of Jaén.

What is included?

  • Tourist Pass chosen.

When can I use the Tourist Pass?

Guided tours are held in Úbeda and Baeza every day at 11.00 in the morning, in certain seasons there are visits in the afternoon at 17.00, 18.00 in summer (except Sundays afternoon in Baeza)Tourist visit Schelude Úbeda - Baeza for 2020.In Jaén the visits are from Thursday to Sunday at 11.00 and on Saturdays at 17.00, check the Tourist visit Schelude Jaén for 2020 and so you can choose the itinerary that best suits your visit

  • The visits long last 2 hours and a half in each city.

  • The transport between each cities AREN´T included.

  • All our visits are done exclusively in Spanish. For foreing languages, ask.

  • Children under 12 years old only pay entrance fees to the monuments - free during the visit

Take Note: You can choose the order and time of the visits (always adjusting to the established schedule) if the chosen schedule allows it, they could be done both on the same day.

How it works?

Just print the voucher you will receive in your email in the final purchase process and hand over it in any of our offices (that are the same ones of the starting points).

To do the visit you just show up 15 minutes before at the starting of the visit at the meeting point, all located in the historical city center.

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