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Tour " Caminito del Rey " 3 nights

Tour " Caminito del Rey " 3 nights


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Tour " Caminito del Rey " 3 nights: 0,00 €

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Caminito del Rey 3 nights by train

Travel to Antequera by train, stay in 4* Hotel and enjoy an adventure at the famous “Caminito del Rey”, you will discover an incredible place with breathtaking views!

The Gaitanes Gorge Natural Park is located in the center of the Málaga´s province, between the cities of Álora, Antequera and Ardales. It´s one of the most spectacular landscapes of the region, with steep walls and incredible height. Between them runs the river Guadalhorce after passing through the reservoirs of El Chorro, Guadalhorce, Guadalteba and Gaitanejo.

The Gorge of the Gaitanes is a canyon excavated by the river Guadalhorce during many years, with access from the north by the reservoirs of the Guadalhorce and from the south by El Chorro, which in some points is only 10 meters wide and Reaches the 700 meters of depth.

What´s included?

  • Round train ticket to Antequera from your destination
  • Private transfer from the station to the Hotel, round trip
  • 3 nights accommodation at Antequera Golf Hotel 4 * with breakfast (in dooble room)
  • Car rental (pick up and drop off at the hotel)
  • Caminito del Rey Ticket entrance (Monday closed)
  • SPA entrance at the Hotel (Closed until further notice)

How does it Work?

Choose the timetable and origin train station during the booking process. At your arrival to Antequera Station we will wait for you to take you to Hotel Antequera Golf 4*where you enjoy 3 nights (SPA entrance included). At the hotel they will give you a rental car to your excursión to Caminito del Rey. When you finish the tour, back to hotel .We will take you to the train station to take your return train.

Following up your booking process, please print the train tickets we will send you and show them to take the train. Please also print your confirmation to show at the hotel.

Can not access Caminito under 8 years old

Changes in shuttle transfer

"Due to the heavy rain and damage on the access to El Caminito del Rey, the shuttle bus which transfers visitors from the entrance and exit to the path has changed its route. The time of transfer is longer now as the trip takes round 1 hour and 30 minutes. This resulted in higher ticket prices, which will cost €4.50 until further notice and shall be paid on the bus"

You will find all the detailed information at your voucher.

The rates are calculated for double room, if you want an individual rate please contact us: 91 828 00 12

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