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Hotel + Transport card Barcelona

Hotel + Transport card Barcelona


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*Hotel seleccionado en hab. doble + ¡Abono de transporte Hola BCN! 2 días
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Hotel + Transport card Barcelona: 0,00 €

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The TMB travel card allows you to move around Barcelona fast, easyly and in an economic way. Unlimited trips on Barcelona's public transport: metro, regional trains, tram, bus and commuter trains as well as train transfers to the airport. Travel around the 'Ciudad Condal' at your leisure!.

With the transport passes offering unlimited travel for 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours , you'll be able to get around the city and its surrounding area and save yourself time and money. Discover Barcelona at your leisure and with peace of mind as you'll be able to use the metro, train to the Airport, buses and trams as many times as you like.

Note: Night buses (NitBus) are not included.

  • Hola Barcelona travel card

    The Hola BCN! travel card is very easy to use…

    • Write your ID or passport number on your ticket and validate it at the automatic machines at each entry. Each travel card is personal and non-transferable.


    • You can choose any Barcelona travel card depending on the length of your stay


    • The user must carry its validated ticket at all times. Being personal and non-transferable, the use of the tickets by any other person is strictly prohibited. The transport personnel can request your ticket at any time; tickets must be in good condition and with the ID number written in it.

    How do I receive it?

    • Delivery the printed voucher in any of the offices described in the collection voucher.

What’s included?

  • Hotel chosen
  • 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours (from the first time you use it) travel pass.

  • Offering an unlimited number of journeys on the metro and buses (night buses not included) operated by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FGC) city network, Funicular de Montjuïc, the TRAM, Renfe suburban trains zone 1 and Barcelona airport metro and train.

Buy your travel card now and use it on any day of your choice, until December 2023!

How does it work?

After finishing the process of purchase, it stamps the hotel bond and the bond of the visit to show it in the point of indicated meeting

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