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Hotel + L` Aquarium of Barcelona

Hotel + L` Aquarium of Barcelona


45,79 €

*Hotel seleccionado en Barcelona, hab.doble y Entrada general L' Acuarium
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Hotel + L` Aquarium of Barcelona: 0,00 €

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L'Aquàrium Barcelona

L'Aquàrium of Barcelona in Port Vell is one of Europe's biggest marine leisure and education centres and the most important concerning Mediterranean species. Its mission is to provide visitors with a greater understanding of undersea life with 11,000 marine animals from 450 different species which live in five million litres of water.

A tour of L'Aquàrium of Barcelona reveals all the secrets of the ocean. The highlight is the vast oceanarium, which is home to sharks, ocean sunfish and rays. You'll feel as if you're walking along the seabed as you pass through the 80-metre-long underwater glass tunnel. The "Planeta Aqua" display reveals many of the creatures that have adapted to the most diverse conditions of the aquatic environment: icy cold, the darkness of the abyss, warm tropical waters? The display shows the importance of underwater life in the development of our planet and features species ranging from alligators to piranhas, from living fossils to penguins.

"Explora!" is a hands-on exhibit designed for children, featuring over 50 interactivities to touch, look at, listen to, investigate and discover the undersea world. The tour of L'Aquàrium of Barcelona is rounded off with large Mediterranean and tropical aquariums, and the "Miniaquària", a space where kids can discover curious details of marine flora and fauna.

L'Aquàrium of Barcelona in Port Vell also offers the activity ?Diving with Sharks? (for divers), and "Sleeping with Sharks", which gives 8 to 12 year olds the opportunity to spend the night at L'Aquàrium following a programme of educational activities.


  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday closed

  • Thursday and Friday 11h to 18h

  • Saturday 10 to 20h

  • Sunday and holidays 10am to 7pm

What’s included?

  • Hotel choosen in Barcelona

  • Admission ticket to Barcelona Aquarium.

How does it works?

After finalizing the purchase print your vouchers of the hotel and L'Aquarium.


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