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Train + Barcelona Card

Train + Barcelona Card


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*Billete de tren ida y vuelta desde Tarragona + Barcelona Card seleccionado
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Train + Barcelona Card: 0,00 €

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Discover the essential of Barcelona by train from your city. The rich cultural heritage, gastronomy and leisure activities available in Barcelona without the worry of having to organize your trip. The Barcelona Card includes everything you need!

The smart Barcelona Card is your key to the Ciudad Condal allowing you to immerse yourself in its fascinating modernist art and diverse nature. Whether it’s a trip to the Sagrada Familia or the famous Colonia Güell or a stroll along the promenade, Barcelona Card lets you discover it all effortlessly both day and night.

  • Barcelona Card
    Pl. Catalunya: plaça de Catalunya, 17-S


    • The card is activated the first time it is used in a public transport or an establishment where admission is included. From that moment on, you have a set period of time to use the card, depending on the type of card purchased.


    • It is valid on consecutive days. If for example you activate a 3 days card on Monday, it will be valid until the following Wednesday. It is necessary to show the card and hand in a cut-out coupon of each of the establishments at the museums and monuments which are admission included with the Barcelona Card. It gives you right to visit the permanent collection of the museums, monuments and attractions a single time. The temporal exhibitions are not always included as part of the offer.


    • Discounts will be provided in participating establishments throughout your stay in the city, regardless of the duration of the card purchased; for discounts to be applied, you must present you card prior the purchase.

What’s included?

  • Train ticket to Barcelona

  • Free admission and skip the line to museums including the Picasso Museum, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Fundació Joan Miró, Fundació A. Tàpies, museums that are part of the Museu d'Història de Barcelona, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Museu Egipci de Barcelona and many more.
  • Free travel on public transport: Barcelona metro and city buses (night buses not included) run by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona-TMB, and Catalan railways (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya-FGC) city and suburban trains, trams, Barcelona airport metro and train and Renfe suburban trains in zone 1.
  • Guide in six languages (English, Catalan, Spanish, French, German and Italian) which includes information about free deals and discounts with their location on the city map.
  • Map of the Barcelona metro network.

Note: Some attractions included in the Barcelona Card will remain closed until further notice.

How does it work?

After finishing the process of purchase, it stamps the tickets of train to accede to the same one and the bond of the visit to show it in the point of indicated meeting

Write your name and date when on the back of the card when you begin to use it (the card is personal and non-transferable) and hand it at the participating museums and establishments that you wish to visit.

The admission fees are already paid… you only need to enjoy the experience.

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