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Train + Hotel + Tourist Passport Caceres

Train + Hotel + Tourist Passport Caceres


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*Billete de Tren i/v desde Madrid a Cáceres + hotel seleccionado en hab. doble y Pasaporte turístico. Consulte desde otros orígenes /fechas y consigue el mayor dcto si reserva a más de 30 días.
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Train + Hotel + Tourist Passport Caceres : 0,00 €

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Train + Hotel + Tourist Passport Cáceres

Cáceres, the Village of the thousand and one shields In particular, 1.238 noble shields stand for this medieval and renaissance Monumental Ensemble, considered the third best preserved in Europe and the first in Spain.
Our guided tour, with Official Tourist Guides enabled, begins at the Plaza Mayor de Cáceres, one of the most beautiful and largest in Spain, presided over by its three colossus, la Torre de Bujaco, la Torre de los Púlpitos and la Torre de la Hierba. Through the Arco de la Estrella we will access the Medieval Ensemble presided over by la Catedral de Santa María.
We will visit the interior of the 15th century Palacio de Carvajal with gothic and Renaissance elements. We will continue to the Plaza de San Jorge where la
Iglesia de San Francisco Javier is located, with its two white towers, one of the symbols of the city. Continuing along la Calle del Mono and its famous legend,
we reach la Plaza de San Mateo with its magnificent gothic church.
Inside of Museo Provincial de Cáceres we will visit its famous Spanish-Arabic Aljibe, the second largest in the world and one of the best preserved in Spain.In short, a spectacular tour full of history, art and legends, which will immerse you in the middle of the Middle Ages through this magnificent Historic Site, declared by UNESCO, World Heritage Site.

What includes?

  • Guided visit with ticket entrance to monuments included.
  • Train tickets
  • Hotel in Caceres


From October to March:

  • Closed Monday
  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30 || 04:30PM, 06:00PM, 07:30PM (Night)

From April to September:

  • Closed Monday
  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30 || 05:00PM, 07:00PM, 10:00PM (Night)

How it works?

Just print the voucher that you will receive at your email when finalizing the purchase and hand it in the starting point, where you have to be 15 min before the visit.

  • Plaza de España, tourism office´s.
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