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Train + Guided Tour to Judería of Córdoba

Train + Guided Tour to Judería of Córdoba


47,70 €

*Billete de tren ida/vuelta desde Sevilla a Córdoba + Visita guiada a la Judería de Córdoba. Consulta desde otros orígenes/fechas y consigue las mejores tarifas reservando a +30 días de la salida.
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Train + Guided Tour to Judería of Córdoba: 0,00 €

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Come to see Córdoba comfortably by train, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was an unprecented cross-road for different cultures and the richest period of its history. The beautiful Jewish Quarter of the city is the result: a medley of streets where culture and beauty inextricably blend together.

Enjoy a wonderful experience getting to know Cordoba's past and take a journey to the grandeur of its Synagogue, unique in Andalucía; the Monument to Maimonides or the Arab Caliphal Baths at the Alcazar. Take a historical tour around multicultural Córdoba.

Direction and hours:

  • Tour Judería 3 Cultures
    Puerta de St. Catalina - Calle Magistral González Francés, 7

    • Departure time: 11,30am

    • Departures from Tuesday to Sunday
    • Duration: 2h30m approximately
    • Comfortable shoes recommended

    NOTE: Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour begins.

What’s included?

  • Train ticket.
  • Walking guided tour through the Jewish Quarter:
    • Cardenal Salazar Plaza.
    • Al-Gafequi Monument.
    • San Pedro de Alcántara Church.
    • Cardenal Salazar old hospital.
  • San Bartolomé Chapel.
  • Local bazaar.
  • Square of Tiberiades: Maimónides Monument.
  • Arab Baths.
  • The Albolafia waterwheel.
  • The 'Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos' palace.
  • Tourist guide for the group.
  • Child 8 years old are free entrance

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