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Adult - Spanish: 45,00 €
child (6-14 years old ) - Spanish: 30,00 €
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Discover Córdoba and its gastronomy.

This guided visit mixes the experience of enjoy the flavours of the local gastronomy with a complete tour through the Medina and the Axerquía of Córdoba. The sound of the fountains, the smell of flowers, the light of the streets and the flavour of the good cooking. The silent of its squares, just broken with the guide voice that will tell us step by step the lively history of the city.

Let us show you the charm of our streets and little squares and the art of our gastronomy. Feel it with this nice walk through the historical center from the Capuchinos' Square to the Roman bridge. We will stop 4 times in differents tipical bars known by their good cooking. Our guides will discover you the most beautiful places in the city, telling you the the deeply history of roman, arab and jewish Córdoba. They will explain you the legacy left in the city and the tipical dishes that enrich our gastronomy nowadays.

Enjoy the illuminated, quiet and mysterious city on its calm hours while you enjoy the most tasty dishes, all with a good wine of the land.

What is it included?

  • Tour through the Medina and Axerquía of Córdoba.

  • 4 stops in tipical taberns with excelent dishes of our local gastronomy.

How does it work?

Print the voucher that you will receive by email when you finish the purchase and give it to the guide in the meeting point before beggining of the visit.

Meeting Point:

  • Capuchinos' Square, next to the fence of the Cristo de los Faroles.

  • We will recommend you to be there 10 minutes before the start of the visit.


  • This visit will be just in one language: Spanish or English.


  • 3 hours approximately.


  • July, August and September: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 21:30 h.
  • October and April to June: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 20:30 h.
  • November and March: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 20:00 h.

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