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Hotel and Guided tour around 'Medina Azahara' - Córdoba

Hotel and Guided tour around 'Medina Azahara' - Córdoba


40,15 €

*hotel seleccionado en hab.doble y Visita guiada a Medina Azahara (Córdoba) / sin bus.
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Hotel and Guided tour around 'Medina Azahara' - Córdoba : 0,00 €

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Medina Azahara or ‘Beautiful Town’ is one of the main archaeological sites in Spain. This complex was founded as seat of the Caliph of Córdoba, but soon turned into an authentic monumental city which has been left undisturbed after a thousand years.

Go back to Caliphal times in this original historical site and learn about its way of life and spectacular Islamic architecture. A guided tour around this enchanted city, a beautiful place in which to discover Cordoba’s most salient features and its historical greatness.

Departure and hours:

  • Guided tour to Medina Azahara with bus

    Point of meeting of the visitors for option with tranfer / Bus, two options are available

    • Paseo de la Victoria , in front of Mercado Victoria
    • Hotel Eurostar

    Time of departure 11am

  • Guided tour to Medina Azahara without bus

    Point of meeting of the visitors for option without tranfer

    The clients go directly:

    • Parkings of Medina Azahara gone out for the 11.15, when the Bus comes. The presentation is of 20 min before the exit.

    Days when the visit does not take place: January 01 and 06, May 01, December 24, 25 and 31.


    • Spanish and English, never at the same time (except in the courtyard festival, consult dates, it will only be in Spanish).

What’s included?

  • Hotel
  • Transfer to the city of Medina Azahara (optional).
  • Admission to the monumental complex.
  • Tour the Visitor Centre and learn about the palace’s origins.
  • Guided tour around the remains.
  • Tour guide for the whole route
  • Children under 5 enter for free in the tour

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