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Train + guided visit of Córdoba´s Mezquita-Catedral from Sevilla

Train + guided visit of Córdoba´s Mezquita-Catedral from Sevilla


71,85 €

*Billete de tren i/v desde Sevilla a córdoba + hotel seleccionado en hab. doble + visita Córdoba Experience. Consuta desde otros orígenes /fechas y consigue el mejor precio reservando a +30 días de la salida.
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Train + guided visit of Córdoba´s Mezquita-Catedral from Sevilla: 0,00 €

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Travel to Córdoba by train. The oldest, most impressive mosque in Europe awaits you in Cordoba: the emblematic city of the Spanish caliphs. Delve deep in the art and architecture of Al-Andalus.

Make the most of the tour around the Mosque - Cathedral of Cordoba, UNESCO World Heritage Site and cultural haven of the Islamic era of the country. Under its beautiful arches and vast size, a hidden treasure in the centre of Cordoba.

Departure and hours:

  • Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba
    Puerta de Perdón, outside the Mosque
    • Departure time: at 10:00h.
    • Days NOT available due to Mosque-Cathedral closure: January 1 and 6; 24, 25 and 31 December.
    • Duration: 120 minutes.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the visit

    Important note:

    On 27/06/2021 the departure will be earlier at 09.30hrs.

What’s included?

  • Train tickets to cordoba round trip
  • Hotel
  • Admission ticket Tuesday through Sunday to the Cordoba Mosque – Cathedral of Córdoba.
  • Tour around the Cordoba Mosque:
    • Patio de los Naranjos.
    • Archaeological remains of the San Vicente basilica.
    • San Vicente Museum.
    • Mosque and its extensions.
    • Mihrab and Qibla wall.
  • Tour around the Asunción de Nuestra Señora Cathedral:
    • Old major chapel
    • Cathedral crossing.
    • Santa Teresa chapel and jewels.
    • Parish of the cathedral's tabernacle.
  • Jewish neighborhood
  • Guide around the tour.


  • The visit will take place in Castilian or English from Tuesday to Sunday (never both)

How does it work?

Getting started on your visit is very easy…

Simply print the train tickets and vouchers sent to your email address after purchasing and redeem at the departure point of the tour.

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