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The Producers

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The Producers
The Producers
The Producers
The Producers

The Producers

The most awarded musical in history!

Max Bialystock, a broke Broadway producer, and Leo Bloom, a young accountant, dream of striking it rich with a surprising plan. To achieve their goal, they must produce the biggest flop in musical theatre history and make off with the investors' money. But pulling off a real disaster is no easy task. They have to find the worst script, the worst directing team, the worst actors, and premiere an absolutely dreadful show. Will they succeed?.

This extraordinary and hilarious comedy created by Mel Brooks is the most awarded musical in history (Tony, Oscar, Grammy) full of hilarious situations, charming characters and spectacular musical numbers that have marked the history of theatre.

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The Producers
The Producers
The Producers
The Producers

Frequently asked questions about The Producers

What is the price of the ticket for The Producers in Madrid?

When does The Producers, the musical, premiere?

The premiere of The Producers' musical in Madrid was on 6 March 2024.

Can I buy my tickets for this show now?

Yes, you can do this through our checkout process. All available features are just a few clicks away and you can skip the queues at the box office. In addition, you will enjoy promotions for online purchases that you cannot find at the box office.

When is The Producers, the musical, available?

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Simply print the train tickets and the tickets that we will send to your email after purchase to get on the train and enter the theater.

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