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Train + Hotel + Tour "The Lorca's Granada"

Train + Hotel + Tour "The Lorca's Granada"


97,30 €

*Billete de tren ida y vuelta desde Córdoba a Granada + hotel seleccionado en hab.doble + Visita guiada
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Train + Hotel + Tour "The Lorca's Granada": 0,00 €

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You'll get to know the life and work of the most internationally renowned Andalusian poet and playwright: Federico García Lorca.

You'll be able to go on a marvellous journey back in time to get to know the poet, discovering the Granada that Lorca lived and which you’ll experience on this tour despite the changes in the city and the passing of time.
We’ll visit a number of places, including the street where he was arrested prior to his execution, the Fuente de las Batallas, the area where the houses in which he lived in the city are located, and of course, the Federico García Lorca Cultural Centre, a reference point for contemporary culture, as it preserves the poet’s important legacy.
Our guides are professional and passionate about his figure and the history of the city in which he lived. They will accompany you on a journey to follow in his footsteps in the different parts f the city which left their mark on the poet’s life.
The tour will finish up with a drink and a tapa at Lorca’s favourite restaurant, where he used to organise large, memorable gatherings.

Please Note

  • This tour is availabe in English and Spanish.

  • Duration of the guided tour is 2hrs

  • Day and time of departure: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 17.30pm

What is included?

  • Round trip train ticket from selected origin to Granada

  • Hotel chosen

  • Guided tour on the following route:

Castillejos Square, Law School, Botanical Garden, Rosales Family House, Artistic and Literary Center of Granada, Acera del Darro and Plaza Mariana Pineda.

  • Drink and a tapa at Lorca’s favourite restaurant

How it works?

Simply print the train ticket , the voucher of the hotel and the visit voucher to show it to the guide according to the meeting point specified on the printed voucher.

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