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Grease: El Musical

Grease, the musical

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Grease, the musical - Cover
Grease, el musical - cover

Grease the Musical

GREASE, the eternally young musical

GREASE is the pop culture phenomenon that tells the story of high school life in a small American city in the 1950s, turned into the great rock and roll musical.

GREASE is a permanent source of inspiration for new artistic creations. After the success of the FOX Television special in 2016 - it won 5 Emmy Awards - HBO announces a new television series with the title "Rydell High" for 2020; Paramount is working on a film prequel (Summer Lovin '), and SOM Produce is preparing a new production of GREASE El Musical, with an ambitious and innovative staging in a charge by the same creative team as BILLY ELLIOT. The coincidence of the best producers of cinema, television and musical theater in the creation of new GREASE productions are the best testimony to the permanent relevance and statistics of this icon that will once again sweep the screens and stages in 2020.

Located in the late 1950s at Rydell High School, a group of working-class students navigate the complexities of peer pressure, personal values, friendship, love, adolescent sexual delusions, and class consciousness. , which makes him the quintessential teen musical. Forever Young.

Train + Grease
Hotel + Grease
Train + Hotel + Grease

Train + Grease, the musical

What is included?

- Roundtrip ticket from the selected origin to Madrid
- Ticket for the selected date

How it works?

Just print the tickets that we will send you to your email address after shopping and use it to enter the theatre and the train

Important information

- When will the musical be available? Available October 2021.


- Calle de Jorge Juan, 62, 28009 Madrid (Nuevo Teatro Alcalá)

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