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Hotel + Selwo Adventure

Hotel + Selwo Adventure


30,15 €

*Hotel seleccionado en hab.doble + entrada en Selwo aventura - Adulto
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Hotel + Selwo Adventure : 0,00 €

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Selwo Adventure - Estepona with hotel

Come face to face with the aristocrats of the animal kingdom at Selwo Aventura Theme Park and Zoo which is without a doubt one of Estepona’s must-sees!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of awesome animals such as: lions, tigers, rhinos, giraffes, jaguars, bears and many more animals from around the world. You can go around the park on foot or by Jeep, without disturbing the animals that roam around without a care in the world. On top of all that, at an extra cost, you could show off your skills by practising archery, having a go at abseiling or taking the plunge by crossing one of our three rope bridges.

Visitors get the chance to see the wide range of wonderful wildlife that live in peace and harmony. Something absolutely imperative to the ethos was to ensure that we created a home away from home for all of the furry and not so furry friends which means that the habitats are as natural as they can be!

The Serengeti Safari option takes you on a fantastic 4x4 tour around the Reserve of the Lakes getting you closer to the huge hippos, the enchantingly tall giraffes, the sociable and stripy zebras, the giant rhinos and many more mammals.

Selwo Aventura has copious amounts of excellent and exciting exhibits, including birds of prey, snakes and exhilarating adventure activities like: rope bridges, archery and Ziwa (the longest, fixed abseiling line in Europe).

One of the latest attractions at Selwo is giraffe feeding, which gives you the opportunity to get up close to one of the planet’s tallest mammals and yet one of its gentlest too!

The Antipodes is also another new attraction specifically designed to bring visitors closer to wallabies, letting you intimately interact with them.

Go and explore the beautiful Bird Canyon which is the largest natural aviary in the whole of Europe; you’ll be warmly welcomed by more than 1,000 different breeds of brilliant birds that come from far and wide! A day at Selwo is a great adventure from start to finish.

What's included?

  • Tickets of train go to return to Málaga

  • Tickets for the park

How does it work?

After finishing the process of purchase, it stamps the hotel voucher and the entrances of the visit to show it to the park.

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