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Hotel and Selwo Marina - Benalmádena

Hotel and Selwo Marina - Benalmádena


28,25 €

*Hotel seleccionado en hab. doble y entrada Selwo Marina - Adulto
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Hotel and Selwo Marina - Benalmádena: 0,00 €

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Selwo Marina in Benalmadena with hotel

At Selwo Marina Benalmadena you will meet cheeky sea lions, clever parrots and the star attraction, our fun-loving dolphins. You’ll be transported to the North Pole, where you’ll visit a penguinarium with a real-life igloo, reproducing the natural habitat of these fascinating seabirds in the icy cliffs of the Antarctic.

And don’t forget to stop at Squirrel Monkey Forest, where an expert guide will give an educational talk on these cute primates and their way of life. Both young and old will the daily dolphin shows at Selwo Marina’s dolphinarium. This by far our most popular attraction and you’ll be able to watch the antics of both dolphins and sea lions from a comfortable seat in our large observation terraces.

After visiting the park, you’ll come to the Hondonada, a corner with exotic birds from the Amazon basin, an area known as the ‘lungs of the world’. Cross a small bridge over a stream and arrive at a specially designed play area where the children can let off steam.

At midday, you can take a well-earned rest and recharge your batteries at one of park’s fine restaurants or maybe you could buy a souvenir at one of the craft shops. A perfect end to a perfect day and a must-see for animal lovers, where both young and old will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Come to Selwo Marina and enjoy one of the most refreshing, fun and educational holiday experiences you will ever have.

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  • Tickets to the park

How Does it Work?

After finishing the process of purchase, it stamps hotel voucher and the entrances of the visit to show it to the park

Address: Parque de la Paloma, s / n (Benalmadena)

Opening dates from March to December

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