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Oviedo Old Capital of the Kingdom of Asturias with hotel and train

Oviedo Old Capital of the Kingdom of Asturias with hotel and train


73,65 €

*Billete de tren i/v desde Palencia a oviedo + hotel en hab. doble y vista Oviedo
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Oviedo Old Capital of the Kingdom of Asturias with hotel and train: 0,00 €

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Gijón visits on foot from its streets and corners with train and hotel

Starting from Alfonso II, El Casto, where the Gothic Cathedral of San Salvador is located, to the 17.00 hsr, you will begin a walking tour of one of the most attractive cities of northern Spain, Oviedo. This locality, former capital of the Kingdom of Asturias, is at the moment commercial center, religious, administrative and university of the region.

Along the walk accompanied by the guide will visit places of great beauty such as Corrada del Obispo, which houses the Archbishop Palace, Trascorrales Square, old market area, the Plaza de la Constitución, where the city hall is located Of Oviedo and the baroque church of San Isidoro el Real, as well as the Fontán. Stroll through the clean and pedestrian streets of the old town until you reach the Plaza de la Escandalera, the heart of the city of Oviedo, a link between the old city and the modern city; Between the historic center and the shopping area. From this strategic point you can admire: the Campoamor Theater, where the world-famous ceremony of awarding the Princess of Asturias Awards and the emblematic Campo de San Francisco is celebrated.

Exit: 17.00h

What Includes?

  • Roundtrip train ticket to Oviedo from your chosen origin
  • Hotel chossen
  • Guided walking tour of the city, an hour and a half in duration.

How does it Work

Simply print the train ticket and the both vouchers sent to your email address after purchasing and redeem it to the guide at an established point

starting point "Plaza AlFonso II" - Presentation 20 min before the exit.

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