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Very important. The schedule for events, services or entrance tickets to shows included in any of the packs of Renfe Viajes Ocio are INDEPENDENT to the train schedule.

REMEMBER. Set a date and time in between the departure and the return train, to avoid complications!.

Not Renfe nor Viajes Reina take responsabilities for the lost of the trip because of the previously pointed. .


Train + Hotel + Valencia Tourist Card

Train + Hotel + Valencia Tourist Card


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Train + Hotel + Valencia Tourist Card: 0,00 €

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Discover the rich cultural heritage, the gastronomy and leisure activities available and save time with preferential access at the main museums. Take advantage of the great deals for the price of a tourist card. Everything you need at great prices!

Whether you want to immerse yourself in culture or simply enjoy a sunny day at the beach, the Valencia Tourist Card makes it easy for you to do whatever activity you prefer.

Due to the current situation, some València Tourist Card products/services could be modified

What does it include?

  • Ticket train from origin chose to Valencia

  • Chosen acomodation in Valencia

  • Includes journeys to and from the airport. Allows you to travel in any of València’s metro, city bus and tram zones.

  • Free entry to municipal museums and monuments such as the Lonja de Seda (silk exchange), the Serranos and Quart Towers, the Fallas Museum and the Almoina, as well as many other attractions.

  • Special discounts for the city's main tourist attractions

  • A free València Map and a guide to discounts for a whole range of tourist services, restaurants and shops

  • We'll even throw in a free tapa and a glass of beer or soft drink

Points of use of the VTC.

How does it work?

Getting started on your visit is very easy...

Write your name and the date when you begin to use the card at the back of it (the card is personal and non-transferable) and present it in the participating museums and establishments that you wish to visit.


The card is activated the first time it is used in an establishment where free entry is included. From that moment on, you have a set period of time to use the card, depending on the type of card purchased.


It is valid on consecutive hours. If for example you activate a 24-hour card on Monday at 1.45 pm, it will be valid until the following Tuesday 1.45 pm. It allows you to visit the permanent collection of the museums, monuments and attractions one time only. The temporal exhibitions are not always included as part of the offer.


Discounts will be provided in participating establishments throughout your stay in the city, regardless of the duration of the card purchased; for discounts to be applied, you must present you card prior to purchase

How can I get it?

After finishing the process of purchase, it stamps the tickets of train to accede to the same one, the voucher for the hotel and the bond of the visit to show it in the point of indicated meeting.

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