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Train +Valencia, City of the Silk

Train +Valencia, City of the Silk


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Train +Valencia, City of the Silk: 0,00 €

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Valencia, Silk city

Guided tour, includes the entrance to La Lonja and the College of the Greater Art of Silk.

  • The Lonja.- The Lonja de la Seda de Valencia or Lonja de los Mercaderes (in Valencian Llotja de la Seda or Llotja de Mercaders) is a masterpiece of Valencian civil Gothic situated in the historic center of the city of Valencia (Spain). Declared World Heritage by Unesco in 1996, it is located in the Market Square, number 31, in front of the Church of Santos Juanes and the Central Market of Valencia. It was built between 1482 and 1548, and its first constructor was Pere Compte between 1483 and 1497 on the model ofLonja de Palma de Mallorca, constituting a building emblematic of the wealth of the Valencian golden century (XV century) The commercial revolution during the Late Middle Ages, the social development and the prestige achieved by the Valencian bourgeoisie

  • College of the Greater Art of the Silk, a museum project that traverses the history of the silk and the activity of the guild of "Velluters" of the city of Valencia, in a building declared Historical National Artistic Monument in 1981.

  • Espai Seda is a special and unique store Espai Seda located in a small historical corner decorated with elegance by Miguel Ángel Herrero, where you can find many ideas for gifts and details. Apart from the elegant handkerchief, you can find cufflinks, neckties, handbags in silk with traditional designs, virgin tapestries made by Bartual company, ribbons of the company Castilla and much more

Not for profit, everything that is collected is destined entirely for the rehabilitation, restoration and maintenance of both the building and the patrimonial silkers

  • Albaes begins its activity of design and tailor-made costume of fallera in the decade of 1960 of the hand of Doña Encarnación Albarracín Raga, in 1997 opens a new store in a renovated place equipped with ample showcases in which the models look more Outstanding of the season and the most artisan garments.

  • The guide will dress of period in all the visits.

  • Hours: 11.00h- 13.00h, duration 2hrs.

What`s included?

  • Tickets of Train from Barcelona (other origins to consult)
  • Guided tour with entrance to the Lonja and the College of the Greater Art of the Silk.

  • Language: Spanish / English

How it Works

At the end of the process of purchase of the package TRAIN + VISIT, we will show you a voucher, which also you will receive in the e-mail that you indicate us. The voucher works as bond to delivering in the point of exit of the visit and the tickets of train deberas to present them in the entry for the access to the same one.

Go to the meeting point with the voucher printed by the web.

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Tourist info Ayuntamiento.

Plaza del ayuntamiento ,1


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