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Guided Tour "Córdoba a Fondo"

Guided Tour "Córdoba a Fondo"


40,00 €

*Visita adulto
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Adult - Spanish: 40,00 €
Children (10-14 years old) - Español: 20,00 €
Children ( under 10 years old) - spanish: 0,00 €
Adult - English: 40,00 €
Children (10-14 years old) - English: 20,00 €
Children ( under 10 years old) - English: 0,00 €

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Guided Tour "Córdoba a Fondo"

As the name suggests "Fully Cordoba" is the perfect visit for those who want to know Cordoba in depth.

Visit by the hand of historians the famous monuments of the city. We will start with the most important monument of the city, the Mosque-Cathedral. We will walk through the old Jewish Quarter (La Judería), paying special attention to the Souk of the Artisans, the Monument to Maimonides and the Synagogue. Later we will visit the Mudejar Chapel of San Bartolomé and the Alcázar of the Reyes Cristianos.

More than 4 hours of intense visit that will be an unique and unforgettable experience for you.

We will finish the visit with a well-deserved rest, enjoying a typical tapa cordobesa and a beer.

What´s included?

  • Guided tour, with tickets to the monuments.
  • Audio receivers included in Mosque-Cathedral.
  • Typical tapa and beer at the end of the visit.

Children until 10 years old: FREE entrance.


  • Departure time: at 10:00h.
  • Meeting Point: Puerta del Perdón de la Mezquita - Catedral.
  • NOT available days by closure of Mezquita-Catedral: January 1st y 6th; March 19th; July 25th; August 15th; October 12th; November 1st; y December 8th y 12th.

NOTE: You have to meet there 15 minutes before the beggining of the visit.


  • Dates: The visit will be held in Spanish from tuesday to Sunday and in English from Tuesday to Saturday.(visits are never made together)


4 hours approximately.

NOTE: We recommend you to wear comfortable shoes.

How does it work?

Print the voucher that you will receive by email when you finish the purchase and give it to the guide in the meeting point before beggining of the visit.

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