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Train + Hotel + Vitoria de Leyenda

Train + Hotel + Vitoria de Leyenda


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Train + Hotel + Vitoria de Leyenda : 0,00 €

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Train + Hotel + Vitoria de Leyenda

A different plan in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
When the sun hides, from the shadows born a new and undicovered Vitoria, plenty of secrets, old murders and lot of leyends...

We propose you something different: see the hidden face of the city with our programme of night tours in the historical center. We have many different unbelieveble histories that will surprise you. Come and enjoy the 2 different tours of the most darkest Vitoria!

Tour VITORIA OF LEYEND (Tuesdays and Fridays) This tour will carry us to the Hacienda, where inside, there are people that still nowadays think to hear the laughs of the gosth Andresito. We also will walk through the Machete Square, where the leyend tell us the heads were cutted to the betrayers. In front of the Cordón House we will know the tragedy of its family; also the damn over the Cathedral of Santa María. And ending we will know about the history of the the buried body of and youth girl next to the Suso Palace.

Tour VITORIA OF LEYEND II (Thrusdays and Saturdays) We get into the streets of old city were we will tell you about the life of the Malquerida, and the crimes of the most famous murderer of Vitoria Juan Díaz de Garayo called "Sacamantecas". We also will know about the mistery of the Beato Tomás de Zumárraga spirit.And ending wind the wonderful Museum of Faroles (access incluided*).


Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday

From 01st October to 30th April at 20:30 h.

From 01st May to 30th September at 21:00 h

Please, take note when selecting the train hours.

What is included?

  • Roundtrip train tickets from selected origin.
  • Chosen hotel.
  • Tour "Vitoria of Leyend"

How it works?

Just print the train tickets and the vouchers that you will receive at your email when finalizing the purchase. Hand the voucher of the tour in the starting point, where you have to be 15 min before the visit.

Starting point:

  • Plaza de España, tourism office´s door.

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