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Park Güell Guided Walking Tour - Skip the Line

Park Güell Guided Walking Tour - Skip the Line


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*Visita Guiada al Park Güell - Sáltese la Fila
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Adult -10pm (English/Spanish) April - Oct.: 29,00 €
Child 10h (0-6 years old) April - Oct.: 12,00 €

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Don't miss the Park Güell

Join this tour to the magnificent Park Güell and amaze yourself with the mixture of nature and design that make Gaudí’s Park a unique Modernist place in the world

it will surprise you! Antoni Gaudi was commissioned to build this architectural wonder by Count Güell, who wanted him to plan an elegant residential area with a public space for the aristocracy of the city. Today a public park, it belongs to the heritage of this marvelous city and was declared UNESCO’s World heritage site in 1984.

We will access the Monumental Zone of Park Güell through the two flight staircase dominated by the famous dragon, decorated with the Catalan style mosaic made of ceramic tiles well-known as Trencadís. The park is arranged around a large central square bordered by a snaky bench made of ceramic tiles, which also serves as the roof of the famous hall in which we can find 86 Doric columns shaped likes trees. With strained paths and viaducts of sloping columns between them, Gaudí’s work unites nature and architecture like no other does.

There is no other place like this in the whole world!

  • Guided Walking Tour Park Güell - Barcelona
    Gaudí Experience. Calle Larrad, 41
    • Visiting hours; 10:00 a.m.
    • From Monday to Sunday
    • Language: Bilingual


  • Far from being just a park, Park Güell is a symbol of Barcelona where nature and design blend together and create an awe-inspiring site inside the city.

  • A twin flight stairway and the dragon decorated with mosaic of ceramic tiles, the Catalan style known as Trencadís, welcome the visitors once in the park and are a key representative of Gaudí’s work.

  • Walk up the twin flight stairway and you will get to the Hypostyle room. An astonishing crafted interior composed of 86 columns of Doric order which remind of trees will discover you an inner world plenty of details on the main hall.

What's included?

  • Bilingual Official guide, please check our schedule.

  • Entrance and guided visit to Park Güell.

How does it work?

Present the printed voucher that will be issued at the end of your reservation at the meeting point.

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