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Madrid Zoo-Aquarium

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Madrid Zoo-Aquarium - Panda bear
Madrid Zoo-Aquarium - Dolphin pool
Madrid Zoo-Aquarium - Gorilla
Madrid Zoo-Aquarium - Panda bear Madrid Zoo-Aquarium - Dolphin pool Madrid Zoo-Aquarium - Gorilla

Madrid Zoo-Aquarium

The Madrid Zoo-Aquarium is an unique natural space in Europe. Divided by continents, in its facilities many species can be visited inhabiting a reproduction of its natral ecosystem. The great primate variety delights every visitor and specially the youngest, amazed by the way they comunicate and coexist. We also find a great variety of bears, among which the grizzlies stands out, due to their sympathy with their audience. Of course a zoo couldn't lack of felines: in a large aconditionated space similar to their environment habitated by lions, tigers and alike.

The "Gorilla Land" pavillion reproduces the natural eco-system of this corpulent african primate and the Misterious Nature pavillion is the home of five reptiles species never seen before in the zoo. The latest new are the space dedicated to the Koalas, the family of panda bears accomodated in an suitable facilities for their lifestyle, the kagaroos, ant-eaters, otters or elephants.

The zoo also offers exhibitions of animals such as dolphins, bird raptors or sea lions; these didactics talks about the customs of each eco-system habitant, special journeys for those days off-school, urban camp for the scholar vacations, interaction experiences, special visits...

More information about the zoo at wikipedia

Train + Zoo-Aquarium
Hotel + Zoo-Aquarium
Train + Hotel + Zoo-Aquarium

Train + Zoo-Aquarium

What is included?

- Round-trip train ticket from the chosen origin to Madrid.
- Ticket for the selected date.

How it works?

Just print the tickets that we will send you to your email address after shopping and use it to enter the train and zoo.

Important information

- What are the schedules?Schedules zoo PDF
- Children are free? Free entry for children under 3 years old.


- Casa de Campo (Zoo-Aquarium de Madrid) C.P. 28011, Madrid, Madrid

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