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Goyo Jiménez - Misery Class

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Goyo Jiménez - Misery Class

Goyo Jiménez - Misery Class

"How could we sum up a show like Misery Class? And what is more complicated... How could we do it in less than 350 words considering, on the one hand, the wide range of current affairs and subjects covered in this show and, on the other hand, Goyo Jiménez's psychotic propensity to ramble?

Well... To begin with, we could not use the plural could, considering that this synopsis is being written by a single person. That is, me. That is, Goyo Jiménez. Yes, the same person you just said has a "psychotic propensity to ramble" and is therefore reading what you write, majete. But, look, maybe you've hit the nail on the head and that's what should really stand out when it comes to summarising Misery Class.

We could point out that this new show by Goyo Jiménez arises from his vision of the world as a PERSON and not as a CHARACTER. Because yes, friends: dazzled by the immense artist and creator that we all enjoy to the point of ecstasy, blinded by the overflowing genius of the stage that we celebrate with joyful cheers, we often forget that, inside Goyo Jiménez, that is, inside me, lives a PERSON, that is to say, me. A simple person, moreover. Who contemplates the astonishing panorama of our times with the same astonishment and bewilderment as most OTHER PEOPLE, but who offers ingenious and hilarious solutions that will help us look to the future with optimism.

An empathetic person, who puts himself in the shoes of others with the utmost humility, respecting and considering everyone equally, even those who are less. Which would come to be the majority. One of us, come on. Someone like anyone else, like you or me. Well, not like me. Because I'm different. I mean, Goyo Jiménez, I mean. And there have always been classes, child".

Goyo Jiménez - Misery Class

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